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I am 30, Jain, Hindi from Delhi, India.

I am 26, Jain, Kutchi from Maharashtra, India.

I am 31, Jain, Hindi from Madhya Pradesh, India.

I am 33, Jain, Hindi from Uttar Pradesh, India.


People of Indian sub-continent still largely believe that relations are made in heaven. We agree with this sentiment and firmly believe that "Search for the bride or groom should not come with a price tag" so we "do not charge for anything at any stage" during entire matrimonial process on this web site. and all its services are run at minimal costs and are supported by its affiliated with a business group of New Delhi. This site plans to stay totally, completely and 100% free indian matrimonial's site.


The Motivation

To create an opportunity amongst millions, billions and crores who live in diverse economic backgrounds and even more diverse geographies to have as many choices available for the most crucially significant aspect of their lives i.e. the Marriage life partner. This become even more important applies even more wmhen they are unable to afford the cost of membership or do not have methods to make matrimonial membership payments.


Let us consider some facts:

  • Matrimonials life partner search is a long and slow process. In this process one usually is not certian how long the search will take. Because of this most people end up paying multiple times for membership which run in thousands of rupees. We believe making matrimonial web sites totally free is the best solution to this problem.
  • India's per capita income is only around 50,000 rupees (USD $1017 as per Is it fair to expect an average indian to pay 15, 10 or even 5 thousand rupees in membership fees to find a matrimony life partner for marriage or loose out on an mean that could help them.
  • Thanks to communications/ mobile industry revolution the intenet is now widely available to people of diverse backgrounds in even the far flung corners of the world.
  • Making payment online through credit or debit card is the easiet way to make payment for matrimonail site membership. And it so happens that less than 5% of population in Indian sub continent own a credit or a debit card. The question is should the access to matrimonial sites only be limited to the affluent rich with credit cards?
  • And lastly the people of Indians sub-continent are still new to internet and do not trust making an online payment through their hard earned credit card to online matrimonial company which exists only in cyber space.

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